Jennifer Lawrence says Trump changed her views on voting Republican

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Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

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Jennifer Lawrence says that Donald Trump turned her from a Republican to a Democrat. The Oscar-winning actress explained that she was brought up in a Republican household, which shaped her political views.

“I grew up Republican,” Lawrence said on the Absolutely Not podcast. “My first time voting, I voted for John McCain. I was a little Republican. I based my politics on the things I grew up with. I was fortunate to grow up in a Republican house, where I could see the fiscal benefits of some of the Republican policies, and I could also see that the social issues weren’t in line with my views.”

However, the election of Trump "changed everything" for her, and the star now holds very different opinions. “This is an impeached president who’s broken many laws and has refused to condemn white supremacy, and it feels like there’s been a line drawn in the sand, and I don’t give a fuck – that’s just the bottom line," she said.

Earlier this month, Lawrence opened up about her upbringing on Instagram to Broad City actress Ilana Glazer. She said she was glad to have had been privy to a republican perspective, but ultimately, as she grew older, it didn't chime with her own values.

I’m grateful in a weird way that I have the Republican perspective, growing up in a house of Republicans and hearing why we should vote Republican – for tax reasons, for religious reasons,” she said. "And then, you know, you grow up and start becoming a citizen of the world and my personal beliefs started to change.

“I thought, well, I guess it is fair for me to pay taxes, because that’s kind of like paying rent to live in this amazing country, and I like things like hospitals and schools and it makes sense to [play] my part as a citizen to make this country as great as it can be.”

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