Jennifer Lopez' Atlas earns 17% Rotten Tomatoes score despite being Netflix's most-watched film

Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd
-Credit: (Image: Ana Carballosa/Netflix)

Jennifer Lopez's latest Netflix project has been panned by critics, despite it currently sitting at the top of the streamer's film charts globally.

Atlas, which released on Friday May 24, sees the singer play a data analyst who harbours a deep distrust of artificial intelligence. Named Atlas Shepherd, she must face her fears when her mother's AI experiment threatens to destroy the world.

She's sent to outer space, of course, on a special mission to fight the AI terrorist - which is played by Barbie's Simu Liu. The film also features This Is Us and American Fiction star Sterling K Brown and Spin City's Lana Parrilla..

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Atlas is directed by Brad Peyton who previously helmed San Andreas and Rampage. Fans were already divided when the trailer was dropped in late April, with some slamming the AI storyline.

However the film is currently the most watched on Netflix globally - including Netflix UK, where it is sitting at number one in the film charts, followed by Minions: The Rise of Gru and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Now critics have weighed in - and it's safe to say they aren't impressed. Atlas was scored a dismal 17% by critics on review site Rotten Tomatoes. The score was earned across 65 reviews.

New York Post's Johnny Oleksinski wrote: "The movie unearths nothing new in what is a very old story of man’s touch-and-go relationship with technology" as Dana Han-Klein from We're Watching What?! was 'legitimately afraid' the film was 'written by someone being held hostage by a hostile AI..' Dana added: "At one point it borders on enjoyable camp, but then retreats to the depths of the cobbled together generic creativity-deprived abyss from whence it came."

Empire Magazine's Helen O'Hara reckoned: "Lopez throws everything at this, but even major movie-star charisma can't make up for the recycled story elements, tired exposition and endless psycho-babble."

Viewers also took to X, formerly Twitter, to share their thoughts. Rotten Tomatoes critic @theBurk3nator concluded: "...I don’t even know what to say other than cinema does exist… Somewhere out there…. Not here though" as @jordanpaytonsn1 admitted: "I tried to like Atlas the new Netflix movie but wow its bad."

Others actually enjoyed the film, though. @SkatyGaming tweeted: "Based on critic reviews, I thought I'd hate this. I'm not a huge JLo fan and had my doubts about her in a scifi action film, but I actually liked this" as @ByronLafayette reckoned: "#Atlas on #Netflix is a fun thrill ride from start to finish, with great action, and a heartfelt story. Trailers are deceiving, the film is nothing like what you expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised".

Atlas' release follows last year's high-octane The Mother, which saw Jennifer fight her demons deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Released just before Mother's Day in the US on May May 12, it clocked up 83.71 million hours viewed in its opening weekend.

JLo previously featured in a string of high-impact blockbusters including 2002's Enough and 2022's Shotgun Wedding.