Jennifer Lopez slams leaked footage from wedding day ‘private moment’ with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez slams leaked footage from wedding day ‘private moment’ with Ben Affleck

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has slammed leaked footage taken from a private moment of her wedding celebration with Ben Affleck last month.

The 53-year-old mum-of-twins had rekindled her Hollywood romance with Affleck, 50, last year after first dating (and even becoming engaged) over two decades ago.

The famous couple had their initial nuptials in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony in July and went on to have a second, larger ceremony with family and friends in Savannah, Georgia earlier this month.


Following a major interest in the Hollywood couple, leaked footage from the event later surfaced showing Lopez serenading now-husband and father-of-three, Affleck, at the wedding reception.

Ms Lopez was not pleased with the moment going public, taking to Instagram to comment on the footage.

The clip was first posted by Lopez’s fan account, @jlow0rld, on Instagram and has since been taken down.

The Hustlers actress is believed to have left a comment that reads: “This was taken without permission. Period.

“And whoever did it took advantage of our private moment. I don’t know where you all are getting it from bc we had ndas and asked everyone to not share anything from our wedding.”

She continued: “That is our choice to share. Anything i put out private is OnTheJLO and it’s to share w my fans.

“Which I will do when I am ready to. This was stolen without our consent and sold for money.”

The Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer was thought to be performing a new song to her husband, who sat on a chair in the middle of the reception whilst being serenaded by Lopez.