Jennifer Lopez’s Smart Battery iPhone Case Will Charge Your Phone on the Go (and It’s on Sale for Under $100)

Kami Phillips

We may have the same number of hours in a day as Jennifer Lopez, but we seriously doubt our schedules are anywhere close to as busy as hers. From shutting down red carpet after red carpet in the most gorgeous gowns to promoting her upcoming Super Bowl LIV halftime performance to spending quality time with her family (and somehow squeezing in workouts on top of it!), Jennifer Lopez’s iPhone calendar must get put to serious work. But unlike the multi-hyphenate superstar, our phone batteries can’t always keep up with our schedules. So what’s J.Lo’s secret to never running out of phone power? The Apple Smart Battery Phone Case.

Do you constantly find yourself searching for a place to plug in your charger or running out of battery power at the most inopportune moments? If so, then you need to do yourself a favor and snag the Apple Smart Battery Phone Case on sale for just $99 on Amazon while you can! J.Loz has been spotted carrying this battery-powered phone case and charger hybrid many times, and it’s easy to see why. It provides up to 50 percent more battery life, meaning it delivers up to 33 hours of talk time, 21 hours of Internet use, and 25 hours of video playback use.

Hundreds of reviewers love it, too. “It has effectively doubled the battery capacity of my iPhone in day-to-day use. I live in a city where I take public transportation to commute to work and back, and I have enjoyed not having to worry about running out of battery on my phone during my commute,” one shopper wrote.

Essentially, this sleek silicone case will protect your phone while keeping you charged for almost an entire day so you can text, make calls, scroll social media, and do anything else your heart desires on your iPhone without a worry in the world. “This is the best battery case out there, it finally solved all my battery anxiety problems. The integration with iOS is what makes it awesome, as you can monitor the case’s charge as well,” wrote another reviewer. No wonder J.Lo carries this case with her all the time!

Right now, iPhone Xs users can shop the black Smart Battery Case on sale for just $99, with other colors and iPhone sizes retailing at around $129. So hurry and score yours before this deal ends — it’ll basically pay for itself with the convenience it’ll add to your life.

Buy It! Apple iPhone Xs Smart Battery Case, $99 (orig. $129);