Jennifer Lopez stops her concert to celebrate A-Rod's birthday: 'Thank you for being such a beautiful light in my life'

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod celebrated their mutual birthdays this week with   grand gestures.
Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod celebrated their mutual birthdays this week with grand gestures.

Jennifer Lopez interrupted her Miami concert to wish fiancé Alex Rodriguez a happy 44th birthday.

On Saturday, during Lopez’s “It's My Party: The Live Celebration” tour at the American Airlines Arena, the 50-year-old singer rolled out a birthday cake emblazoned with her MLB beau’s number-13 Yankee’s jersey and team logo.

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“One, two, three!” Lopez commanded, as the entire audience sang “Happy Birthday.” A bashful A-Rod made a playful attempt at escaping, but was pulled to the forefront by Lopez. After the song, the athlete was surrounded by him and Lopez’s blended family.

J-Lo shared the footage with her Instagram followers. “Celebrating you today and everyday my love...” she wrote. “...You are one of a kind, my hurricane and my calm in the middle of the storm...thank you for being such a beautiful light in my life...wishing you the most beautiful birthday ever!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 13!!!”

According to TMZ, the four-tier cake from Divine Delicacies was dotted with Swavorski crystals and valued at $3,000.

The couple of three years is still recuperating from Lopez’s 50th birthday party on Wednesday night. Courtesy of A-Rod’s planning, Lopez and her loved ones partied at Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s $32-million private home on Star Island in Florida’s Biscayne Bay.

The shindig was "a golden celebration,” a source told E! News of the white-and-gold color scheme.

"The entrance featured a giant golden archway and the J.LO emblem that was used throughout the party," added the source. "It was glowing inside with hundreds of candles and white orchids everywhere. There was a tower of champagne glasses for guests to take and big spinning letters that spelled J.Lo. As J.Lo walked in her song 'Jenny From the Block' played."

Tents were set up in the home’s backyard, which reportedly overlooks the water. And when Lopez cut the black-and-gold cake, “...Everyone sang along to 'Go Shorty It's Your Birthday,'" the source told E! News. Donuts sprinkled with gold sugar were an added treat.

A-Rod shared video clips from the party, which included head-banging moves from Lopez, who at one point took over the turntables. “TONIGHT was a Jenny from the Block party, and we took it from the Bronx all the way to the 305!!!” wrote A-Rod.

"Jennifer looked like she had an amazing night," the source told E! News. "A-Rod was never far from her side and clearly adores her. He wanted the night to be special for her, and she was glowing all night long."

Star attendees DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, and Ashanti, reportedly all performed.

Earlier that day, A-Rod presented Lopez with a lavish gift: A cherry-red Porsche 911 GTS convertible. “It came with a big gold bow on it and was delivered to their house this afternoon. The license plate says JLO,” a source told E! News.

The former Yankee’s star also shared a tender video message to his future wife. “Hi baby girl,” said A-Rod in the video. “I cannot believe this, baby girl. Since we’ve been together, you have made me feel like every day is my’re simply the best partner in life...”

Unfortunately, A-Rod might have had too much fun celebrating. On Friday night, the awestruck athlete indicated on Instagram that a career in professional baseball had not prepared him for Lopez’s stamina.

“I am so sore from one night of dancing, I don’t know how Jennifer does it! Who else hates getting old?!” A-Rod wrote on Instagram, adding that dancing for one hour and seven minutes wore him out.

“I couldn’t get out of my bed tonight,” he shared. “I’ve iced, I’ve done Cryo [cold therapy], I got stretched, I got a massage, steam, sauna. I’ve been drinking coffee all day. I’m a mess.”

A-Rod added, “[Lopez] went out there and destroyed it in Miami. Killed it. Like if she slept ten hours. Am I the only one who can’t recover anymore? Does it suck to get old, or what?”

By Elise Solé, Yahoo Lifestyle