The Jennifers Lopez and Coolidge Are Starring in a Rom-Com Together. It Looks Perfect.


For Jennifer Lopez, 2022 has been the year of marriage.

Though she released her seminal romantic comedy The Wedding Planner over two decades ago, Lopez is back on the nuptials beat with her own marriage to Ben Affleck, the recent romp Marry Me, and, now, Shotgun Wedding. Just how many vows can this woman write? As long as there’s ink left in the world, she’s apparently willing to pen thousands.

But it’s not Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, or even Maluma who will take her hand in this new romantic comedy. This time around, Josh Duhamel is ready for a big, blow-out wedding with J.Lo. (Duhamel was a last-minute replacement for Armie Hammer, who was forced to leave the production amid his recent scandal.)

When the trailer begins, things for Lopez and Duhamel’s characters are hardly going perfectly. Just as was reportedly the case at J.Lo’s own wedding, the couple’s respective families in the film are tied up in way too much drama.

Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Duhamel) have everything prepped and ready when the nightmares begin. Tom’s so laser-focused on the centerpieces that he won’t pause for a minute to kiss his fiancée! Nevertheless, their whole evening is interrupted by Tom’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge), who brings with her plenty of gifts for the newlyweds (including a big ol’ knife, which decapitated some of Tom’s family).

Something’s not right. Darcy’s ex (Lenny Kravitz) arrives in a helicopter out of the blue. The vibes are off. The aura of the wedding is dark, cloudy, dangerous—and Darcy is bracing herself for the worst.

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Whatever you think the worst is going to be, multiply it by 65, and you’d have Shotgun Wedding. The title is literally referencing shotguns, as Darcy and Tom’s ceremony is taken hostage by a band of pirates looking to rob them of all their money, fancy wedding favors, even J.Lo’s precious gown. But this newly bound family’s not going down without a fight.

By the end of the trailer, everyone’s in complete hysterics. Darcy shreds whole layers from her dress, claiming she’s “always wanted something less traditional.” Tom’s handcuffed to his wife and a grenade. And Jennifer Coolidge unloads a shotgun, which is possibly the best thing we’ll see all week—unless, that is, The White Lotus Season 2 trailer drops.

Shotgun Wedding will premiere on Prime Video on Jan. 27, 2023.

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