Jenny's singing jewels. By Emily Walker Trinity Catholic High School

Trophy and certificate awarded to Modality for their excellent blend and harmonious sound. <i>(Image: Jenny Ewington)</i>
Trophy and certificate awarded to Modality for their excellent blend and harmonious sound. (Image: Jenny Ewington)


These are words that East London choir Modality know all too well as they have been greeted with trophy after trophy at the Stratford and East London Music Festival. It’s like a domino affect with this gifted group as eight times they’ve shone their winners grin at the camera. Can they make it a ninth?

Not only are these "stylish" singers cup holders of the longest running competitive festival in the UK. Their weekly Monday rehearsals, alongside their director and singing teacher Jenny Ewington, help them to put on expressive extravaganzas twice a year in the church below their practising space. The sky's the limit with these talented teenagers as they look forward to performing again for a crowd of proud parents and friends in their summer concert. Only being aged 11-18, their previous experiences of singing at local and city events as well as being contestants and reaching the quarter finals of the National Choir of the Year competition gives them the much deserved title of being a "unique and well-blended" group of young stars.

Much of their success is down to their outstanding and determined director Jenny Ewington who is encouraging of the choir to maintain its reputation despite "undergoing a number of reincarnations as singers leave and go to university". Inspiring and professional Jenny Ewington continues to say "but the ethos of excellence, commitment, and the sheer joy of singing continue."

A real testimony to this choir is its ability to gain "real feeling" as well as having a "great blend". These are just some of the many positive comments audience members have after being in their company for the duration of their concert. However, what really speaks volume is what Jenny Ewington says about her passion of singing, the fact that it can give us "a sense of belonging and acceptance" as well as "providing a safe space in, what can be, a very disconnected world."

Amid their performance at the Stratford and East London Music festival at the beginning of next month we want to wish them the best of luck and we hope they will continue their wave of success.