After His Jeopardy Stint, Drew Basile Shades Critics And Reveals Why His Big Tiebreaker Moment Had To Be Reshot

 Drew Basile responds to a clue on Jeopardy!.
Credit: Sony Pictures

As one of the best game shows of all time, Jeopardy! is known for its decorum. There’s a level of respect given to the game and expected from its fans, so it’s no mystery why Drew Basile raised the eyebrows of some viewers. The Survivor alum proved to be just as polarizing on the Alex Trebek Stage as he was on the island in Fiji during his seven-win stint on the quiz show, and following his elimination, not only did Basile throw some shade at his critics, but he revealed that big personality might have been responsible for having to reshoot one of his biggest moments.

Drew Basile Shades ‘Incoherent’ Criticism Of His Jeopardy! Run

After filming an exhausting eight games of Jeopardy! and qualifying for the Tournament of Champions, Drew Basile sat down with fellow Survivor alums Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach on an episode of Rob Has a Podcast to break down his time on the quiz show. The host mentioned that while Basile rubbed people the wrong way on both series, the backlash he got from Jeopardy! fans wasn’t quite on par with the hate he faced on Survivor. Basile agreed, adding:

It’s also a little incoherent, you know? Like sometimes the negative people, they’re retired, they’re a little bit older, they’re still grappling with technology. They haven’t figured out spellcheck, for example. It’s hard to be that outraged when it’s a completely incoherent message.

He may not have been outraged by what people had to say, but he was certainly affected enough to make blisteringly passive aggressive comments about the “older” audience’s struggles with technology. After that, I wouldn’t expect any of those people to have a change of heart about ole Drew when he returns to compete in the Tournament of Champions. In fact, that kind of highlights the reason some fans weren’t impressed with the player’s ego and tendency to clap for himself and celebrate his victories.

Drew Basile Explains Why His Tiebreaker Had To Be Reshot

Speaking of excessive celebrations, apparently his reaction to one of his biggest moments on Jeopardy! had to be reshot for exactly that reason. After Final Jeopardy! in Drew Basile’s third game, he found himself in a tie with another player, forcing them into a sudden-death tiebreaker. Basile was the first to buzz in with the correct answer, thereby winning the game. He told the podcast:

Obviously, I had a big reaction at the end of the tiebreak because then you’re in it, you know, it’s like a Western standoff. I had a big reaction, actually, I had such a reaction that I think we had to re-record it. I was like, ‘Let’s go!' Jeopardy! is so classy, you know, and I had a huge reaction.

We all saw him pumping his fist and clapping for himself, but apparently shouting, “Let’s go!” as he stomped on another contestant’s Jeopardy! dreams was where they draw the line.

I’ve heard of Jeopardy! having to refilm a moment for a technical difficulty or if Ken Jennings makes a silly mistake, but this is the first I’ve ever thought about producers having to tell a contestant to tone down the celebration.

Love him or hate him, Drew Basile will be back to take on the rest of Jeopardy!’s biggest winners of the season in the Tournament of Champions, and until then, check your local listings to see when to catch the quiz show, and see what premieres are coming soon with our 2024 TV schedule.