Jeremy Allen White Announces Return Post For The Bear Season 3, And Of Course Fans Have All The Chef Comments (And Freezer Jokes)

 Jeremy Allen White stares ahead with an almost blank expression in The Bear.
Jeremy Allen White stares ahead with an almost blank expression in The Bear.

I have a painful confession to make here, folks: I haven’t finished The Bear Season 2 yet. In my defense, I really needed a break after finishing the intense “Fishes,” episode and I ended up getting busy. However, Jeremy Allen White’s announcement of The Bear Season 3’s release date has prompted a bunch of inspired comments on social media, and I’ve realized I need to fix this mistake at once.

The 2024 TV schedule looks like it’s going to get hotter, as we now know dinner services will resume at FX’s restaurant as of June 27th. So anyone else who’s lagged behind, or hasn’t even started on their journey with The Bear has plenty of time. And with that, feel free to let ‘er rip with this short but sweet video tease:

Now seeing as I’m not caught up on one of Hulu's best shows, my first thought after watching this trailer is that my wallet is already hurting just imagining a dinner service in a place like this. Not that it wouldn’t be worth it, but let’s face it: fine dining has its costs.

That being said, I know all about Carmy’s incident with the freezer and how the season ends. And honestly, I’m surprised Jeremy Allen White wasn’t shown melting that freezer door down with pure heat blasts of anger.

You can be sure that Sydney, Richie, and the rest of The Bear's characters are probably going to have some choice comments when the action picks up. I see so many ice puns in the future. Meanwhile, you die-hard fans out there started saying things like this, and the comedy warms my heart:

  • just warming up, chef -thebearfx

  • Yaaaas, chef! -garyjanetti


  • Thank you, Chef! -garrett_watts

  • It’s not a freezer guys. It’s a Walk In Refrigerator. Even Carmy wouldn’t survive an entire service in a freezer 🥶 -cheftzac

  • bro got out of the freezer 🙏 -max.bournival

Yes friends, (and chefs) Carmy looks like he’s gotten out of the freezer. So who knows what the fallout will look like when he’s warmed up for whatever Season 3 brings his way? It certainly looks fantastic, as The Bear is finally ready to roar once more for all to hear, and taste. Trust me, it makes sense.

While the restaurant at the heart of The Bear looks like it requires business casual attire, at least, the dress code is much more forgiving when watching the actual series. All you’ll need is the right amount of time on your schedule, and access to a Hulu subscription.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hit streaming drama to finish, before my career as an entertainment journalist is the next thing locked in the walk-in. And just as a reminder, The Bear Season 3 hits Hulu's streaming library on June 27th.