Jeremy Clarkson lawyers up to review Tesla Model X car

Louise McCreesh
Photo credit: Amazon Prime

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You can probably imagine caveman Jeremy Clarkson testing out the latest in electric transportation could result in all sorts of legal problems for The Grand Tour. And you were right.

Indeed it seems that producers were so worried about Jeremy stepping out of turn while checking out the Tesla Model X, that they hired a team of lawyers to sit in the car with him.

In a clip posted to The Grand Tour's official Facebook page, the presenter can be seen driving the vehicle, accompanied by six sharp suited and defamation-savvy lawyers.

And it's a good thing they were there too, since – as you can probably imagine – there were a lot of hypothetical fires that needed putting out.

The first item up on the bill for discussion was the manufacturer's claim that the Model X can travel up to 351 miles between charges, with Jeremy all set to launch into a speech about his own experience with electric cars.

Swiftly, one lawyer interjected: "So that we're clear, we completely accept that this car can do 351 miles between charges, don't we?"

"Suggesting a claim on manufacturing is untrue is not where we're going to go today, is it?" said another.

Clarkson's next topic of discussion referred to the Rimac electric car Richard Hammond was driving during his crash last year, and how the Model X uses the "same sort of batteries".

"If you crash an electrical car and it has lithium-ion batteries, it could catch fire," he said. "And often, the fire brigade will turn up and they've only got water on board, so as you're sitting there, on fire, you're then being electrocuted."

Yep. We told you he needed the lawyers. Even those poor guys in the backseat.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

"Well, I think we should make it clear that we're not suggesting that these cars have any inherent defect," said a lawyer in the back.

"Look what happened with Samsung and their batteries," Jeremy added.

"We're not going to start defaming Samsung, are we?" added the lawyer.

Oh, Jezza.

The Grand Tour airs on Amazon Prime.

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