Jeremy Clarkson pops up out of nowhere as couple deal with caravan disaster

Jeremy Clarkson speaks to Charlie Ireland
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Jeremy Clarkson fans were left in stitches as he shared the moment he helped a couple out during a caravan disaster.

The Clarkson Farm star came across a couple who were having problems with their caravan and he couldn’t help but share the moment with his social media followers. The couple's mobile home has detached itself from the tow bar and they appeared to be struggling to get it back on.

Jeremy is well known for hating caravans and previously destroyed a number of them on his hit TV show Top Gear. The 64-year-old shared his encounter with the pair and admitted that he has been in a similar situation before.

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In the clip, someone is recording Jeremy behind the wheel as he apologised to the couple trying to get their caravan back on, he said: “I’m sorry. I did find that quite funny.”

The driver and his partner were both laughing at Jeremy’s reaction. He continued: “I promise. That is what happened to me.” Clarkson then told drivers queuing up behind: “You’re gonna have to go round, his caravan’s falling off the back of his car.”

Alongside the video, he wrote: “It really did happen to me once.”

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Fans went straight to the comment section and shared their reaction to the hilarious moment. @Alannajanehillxo wrote: “This was us!!! Really funny. So sorry, obviously enjoyed the Hawkstone too much.” commented: “Imagine Jeremy out of nowhere, ‘I’m sorry but you can’t park there'.” @saaj_44 said: “Hahaha caravan getting dislodged from that and Clarkson approaching them. Perfect timing.”

@Johnbstewart7 wrote: “Imagine that happening to you sitting there thinking how bad it is and then to top it all off you realise Jeremy has witnessed it.”

@Markabaugh said: “Imagine your caravan falls off the hitch and then boom Jeremy Clarkson is laughing at you.” While @Bend_your_kozars added: “Of all the people to pull up on you at that moment.”