Jeremy Clarkson tells Greta Thunberg to 'get back to school' and 'shut up' in TV rant

Bronwen Weatherby

Jeremy Clarkson has told Greta Thunberg to "get back to school and shut up" in a rant on Australian TV.

The former Top Gear presenter described the 16-year-old eco-activist as "mad and dangerous" on the 7News channel.

The 59-year-old broadcaster was on a promotional tour for 'The Grand Tour presents: Seamen', which he has made with co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, when he made the comments.

During the interview, Clarkson hit out at Ms Thunberg, making it clear he is no fan of the climate change campaigner.

He said: "She's mad and she's dangerous and she's causing young children sleepless nights with her idiocy.

The controversial presenter was fired from the BBC in 2015 after rowing with a Top Gear producer over a steak (Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images)

"No, I think she needs to get back to school and shut up."

Prior to the tirade, Clarkson admitted he had witnessed first hand the impact of climate change while filming the show in Cambodia.

"I don't think I've ever actually seen the effects of global warming. When you see those houses on stilts on the show - 40 to 50 feet - and the water is miles away," he said.

"And then you think, 'the water's supposed to be up there this time of year and it's down there'. It's unbelievable.

"So that's a remarkable thing and I know there'll be a load of kids saying, 'ha! You see. There you are!' That's fine. Now go to school, learn science and do something about it."

These comments come just days after Clarkson called Ms Thunberg a "stupid idiot" during an interview with The Independent.

Adding, that she is a "weird Swede running around making all sorts of 'we're going to die' noises".

Last month, Clarkson admitted he had not understood climate change until filming in Asia, when he described having an epiphany which made him accept global warming is a problem.

He said he found the state of the landscape "genuinely alarming" but refused to "blame mankind for the problem".

Clarkson said the 16-year-old should

"We'll let Greta do that," he added.

The Swedish teenager is celebrated for inspiring a global youth movement to tackle climate change after she conducted a solo protest outside the Swedish parliament.

She recently attended the UN climate conference in Europe which she travelled to from the US where she had been taking part in climate negotiations.

Refusing to fly she made a call for help to get across the Atlantic, which was answered by British professional yachtswoman Nikki Henderson and her crew of five.

An Aussie family who joined the team on the voyage across the ocean have recently described the eco-warrior as having a "microscopic" ego.

Greta and her companions the Aussie family on their voyage across the Atlantic (@GRETATHUNBERG / via REUTERS)

Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum who picked up Ms Thunberg from America to transport her hundreds of miles to the UN COP25 climate summit in Madrid, Spain.

The couple said people would be shocked to see how human and vulnerable the teen climate activist is.

"Greta being 16 you'd think that she would let those negative comments really get to her and anger her, but honestly it is the opposite," said Ms Carausu.

"I think it might be because she has Asperger's, which she also talked about, it's like it doesn't seem to really worry her.

"She really didn't want all of this attention … she's not in it for herself, she's in it for the cause and she wants people to use their voices — that was the main thing she spoke about."

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