Jeremy Corbyn accuses the Tories of 'running out of ideas' after Queen's Speech

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Jeremy Corbyn called the Queen's Speech 'threadbare' (Getty Images)
Jeremy Corbyn called the Queen’s Speech ‘threadbare’ (Getty Images)

Jeremy Corbyn accused the Government of ‘running out of ideas’ after delivering a ‘threadbare’ Queen’s Speech.

The Labour leader said the legislative programme set out today would be ‘thin’ even if it was for 12 months, let alone the two years planned.

He welcomed the exclusion of certain Conservative manifesto pledges from the speech, including grammar schools, scrapping means-testing the winter fuel allowance, and ending the triple-lock for pensions.

Mr Corbyn also called on the Government to ‘listen to the wisdom’ of MPs more frequently and work with the UK’s European neighbours over Brexit.

Mr Corbyn also paid tribute to the victims of the recent Grenfell Tower fire in west London, as he urged the Government’s public inquiry to come up with answers.

‘What makes it both a tragedy and an outrage is that every single one of those deaths could have been avoided,’ he said.

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‘Something has gone horrifically wrong, the north Kensington community are demanding answers, and they’re entitled to those answers.

‘Thousands of people living in tower blocks around the country need urgent reassurance and the emergency services, especially fire and rescue services in this case, deserve our deepest respect and support.’

He went on to praise the emergency services for their actions at the Grenfell Tower, as well as after recent terror attacks in London and Manchester.

Mr Corbyn added: ‘Public service workers, such as fire service, police and NHS staff, receive huge praise when they respond to terrorist attacks and other major incidents.

‘But it’s not good enough to be grateful to our public service workers only at a moment of crisis and disaster.

‘They deserve dignity – the dignity of fully funded services, the dignity of not seeing their jobs cut and living standards fall.’

In his final attack Mr Corbyn said: ‘This is a Government without a majority, without a mandate, without a serious legislative programme, led by a Prime Minister who has lost her political authority and is struggling to stitch together a deal with the DUP to stay in office.

‘We will use every opportunity to vote down Government policies that failed to win public support and we will use every opportunity to win support for our programme.”

He said Labour is a ;government in waiting’ – a remark which prompted heckling from Tory MPs – adding they will offer ‘real strong and stable leadership’.

Shouts of ‘You lost’ aimed at Mr Corbyn could also be heard from the Tory benches.

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