Jeremy Corbyn Is ‘Completely Bonkers’, Wikipedia Founder Says

Rob Waugh
Jeremy Corbyn

Outspoken Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has weighed into the Labour leadership battle - with an assertion that Jeremy Corbyn is ‘completely bonkers’.

Wales said this week, ‘I wonder how many people sent in their ballots for Jeremy Corbyn and now deeply regret it.

‘Because on a wide range of issues, it's become clearer and clearer he's completely bonkers.

Wales, who lives in London, frequently Tweets on political subjects.

He also said that the long-winded balloting process was unfortunate - and instead, the vote should be conducted in one day, like a general election.

His comments came as left-winger Corbyn came under fire from rivals Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper for ideas such as having women-only carriages on trains.