Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn's New Labour Party Political Broadcast

Jeremy Corbyn has followed up his landslide re-election as Labour leader with a party broadcast attacking Theresa May’s claims that she cares about the less well-off and the vulnerable.

The short film, which is narrated by actor Art Malik and features quotes from party supporters, includes clips from Corbyn’s leadership rallies this summer.

Its main message is that the new Tory government is no different from David Cameron’s regime.

The broadcast - released to HuffPost ahead of its transmission on Tuesday night - highlights NHS waiting lists, the return of grammar schools, police cuts and the Government’s decision to allow “bankers to get off scot free” from the financial crisis.

It also points out that May has not been voted into No.10 by the public - or even her own party.

(Photo: Labour)
(Photo: Labour)

In one scene, Corbyn is seen addressing a huge crowd at one of his leadership events in Telford.

The film ends with him citing the party conference tag-line ‘Working Together for Real Change’.

Labour plans to launch a national education campaign day on Saturday to mobilise its 600,000-strong membership to lobby against May’s plans for new grammar schools.

(Photo: Labour)
(Photo: Labour)

A party source told HuffPost UK that the broadcast’s main message was “that despite a new occupant in Number 10 the Tories have not changed, and cannot deliver the change that the country needs”.

“This has been a theme all week in Liverpool. Theresa May has no answers to the problems facing Britain; the Tories had no plan and have no plan on Brexit; their grammar schools policy will segregate children at 11 years old and the NHS is in deep crisis.

“Under Theresa May the Tories represent just more of the same failed policies. The broadcast reinforces the conference message this week that only Labour offers the real change that people need.”

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