Jeremy Corbyn provides real hope for those who want to solve inequality

Jeremy Corbyn has put forward policies on solving inequality: Getty Images

What a silly conclusion to an otherwise excellent editorial on social inequality. The Labour Party under Corbyn has made this the number one issue with policy proposals which have sent the establishment and right wing press into a state of panic about the possibility that he may well get the opportunity to implement them.

David Parker

We shouldn’t delude ourselves about Hunt’s intention with the NHS

Though I sympathise with her situation, Eve McQuillan misses the point when she accuses Jeremy Hunt of “dithering” and describes his tenure as Health Minister as one of “misrule” (An arm and a leg is fast becoming the cost of what was once a free NHS for all)

Hunt is on record as stating that the NHS is a “fifty year old mistake” that should be “denationalised”. This is clearly his brief and the intention of this government – we are simply deluding ourselves if we continue to pretend otherwise.

Patrick Moore

The lunar eclipse won’t be the only thing plunging America into darkness

The upcoming lunar eclipse in America on 21 August will plunge a strip of America into darkness but it’s a pale shadow of the darkness caused by President Trump.

Dennis Fitzgerald

The BBC was right to air Nigel Lawson’s views on climate change

I thought that hearing his fogeyish lordship deny climate change rather lent support to the view that it is actually happening.

Susan Alexander
South Gloucestershire

Liam Fox in flip flops?

Your headline yesterday “Liam Fox mocked for hailing export boom in sunglasses and flip flops” had me scrolling down the page in search of a photograph of our Secretary of State possibly giving an impromptu press conference on a beach somewhere.

How disappointed I was to realise my misconstrual.

Andrew Jackson

Parliament should stop Brexit

I would just like to congratulate Anthony Slack on his excellent letter (Parliament should do the right thing and halt Brexit). Can Parliament please do the right thing and revoke this nonsense before it goes any further?

Celia Chalmers