Jeremy Corbyn Signed Commons Motion Looking Forward To Asteroid Killing All Humans

Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn once declared his support for an asteroid killing every human on the planet - because of PIGEONS.

The backbencher - who looks set to be voted Labour leader next month - signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) in 2004 called ‘Pigeon Bombs’ that criticised the way the birds were treated by, er, British spies.

Adding his name to the motion alongside fellow Labour MPs John McDonnell and Tony Banks, Corbyn felt it was right to highlight the issue - and wanted an asteroid to obliterate every human on the planet for being “cruel and uncivilised”.

Their anger came from revelations that MI5 files suggested using pigeons as flying bombs - and the trio wanted nature to wipe us all out and start afresh.

According to Huffington Post, the motion read: “That this House is appalled, but barely surprised, at the revelations in M15 files regarding the bizarre and inhumane proposals to use pigeons as flying bombs; recognises the important and live-saving role of carrier pigeons in two world wars and wonders at the lack of gratitude towards these gentle creatures; and believes that humans represent the most obscene, perverted, cruel, uncivilised and lethal species ever to inhabit the planet and looks forward to the day when the inevitable asteroid slams into the earth and wipes them out thus giving nature the opportunity to start again.”

EDMs do not have much impact on anything - which is fortunate really as no one wants to encourage some alien life to aim an asteroid straight at us.

Islington North MP Corbyn is the frontrunner in the Labour leadership contest, after initially being the 100/1 outsider.

A recent poll put him 32 points ahead of former favourite Andy Burnham to lead the party after Ed Miliband resigned following the General Election in May.

Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall are the two other contenders fighting for control of the party.