Jeremy Corbyn will celebrate election success by binge-watching EastEnders

Jeremy Corbyn has had a pretty successful week.

After outperforming all expectations in Thursday’s general election, the leader of the Labour party even got an apology from controversial rent-a-gob Piers Morgan.

Jeremy needs to catch up on the BBC One soap.
Jeremy needs to catch up on the BBC One soap.

So how does Corbyn celebrate victory?

Well, binging on EastEnders, of course.

Speaking to The Mirror in a candid post-election interview, Corbyn explained how he celebrated his election performance with his wife, Laura, on Friday.

Jeremy and his wife Laura went out for a meal on Friday to celebrate.
Jeremy and his wife Laura went out for a meal on Friday to celebrate.

He revealed: “We went off to the Acoustic restaurant in Newington together.

“We said to each other: ‘This could be the last supper we’ll get of our own.

“Haloumi kebab. Very nice. I’m a non-drinking vegetarian so celebrations are pretty low-key. As good as it gets is fizzy apple juice.

“On the way home we were walking past the Bedford Tavern. It sounded like there was a birthday party going on in there. They said come on in – but I said I didn’t want to intrude on someone’s birthday party.

Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed unprecedented success.
Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed unprecedented success.

“But they said no. It’s a party for you. But I didn’t go in. I was tired and wanted to go home.”

Since Theresa May called for a snap election in April, Corbyn has done 90 rallies and visited 60 towns and cities, so it is understandable he hoped to spend the weekend catching up with his personal life.


Corbyn admitted: “I like being out there and meeting people but it was good to be home for a bit.

“I’ve caught up on things, Opened letters. No bills, no nasty surprises. The electric is on, the gas is on, broadband still works.”

The election result is good news for Jeremy Corbyn (Rex)
Corbyn planned to unwind over the weekend.

He added: “I’ve lost track of EastEnders, I’m going to have to do a big catch-up.

“I understand some bad things have been going on in Walford. Sometimes people aren’t very kind to each other on that programme.

“They could do with being a bit nicer.”

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