Jeremy Hunt tells people to "grow up" and stop pronouncing his name Jeremy C***

David Harding
Not amused. Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told people to grow-up over his surname (Photo by Tolga AKMEN / AFP)

Jeremy Hunt, the possible next Prime Minister, is fed-up with people mispronouncing his surname for something far ruder.

The Foreign Secretary has called on broadcasters to "grow up" and stop mistakenly saying the c-word when they try to say “Hunt”.

The latest incident happened this week when the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire pronounced the politician’s name C*** while live on air.

Speaking to Chopper’s Brexit podcast, Hunt addressed the issue and said he believes sometimes it is not an accident.

“I’m used to it. I had this when I was at school,” said Hunt.

“Personally I think people should just grow up and get over the fact that my last name rhymes with a rather unpleasant word.”

Derbyshire’s slip of the tongue happened during a live debate about who should replace Theresa May as Tory Party leader, of which Hunt is one of the front-runners.

The presenter asked one of her guests: “You say that the man that you’re backing – Jeremy C**t…

“I’m so sorry, Jeremy Hunt,” the BBC presenter corrected as she realised her mistake.

She continued: “I’ve never said that before in my life. It’s usually men who say that, so I really really want to apologise, I’m sorry.”

And she is not the first BBC presenter to do so.

A year ago, Justin Webb told listeners: “The paper says that Health Secretary Jeremy Cuh … Hunt is understood to favour a cap on social care.”

Webb said he did not say the whole swear word, though some listeners were convinced he did.

Slip of the tongue: Victoria Derbyshire

And previously Andrew Marr and James Naughtie also said the c-word, while trying to pronounce Hunt’s name.

Hunt finished second in the first round of voting for a new Tory leader and is seen by many as the strongest challenger to Boris Johnson in the battle for Number 10.

He gained 43 votes, still a distant second to Johnson who had the backing of 114 MPs.

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