Jeremy Kyle vows to give details on what happened with his axed TV show

Jeremy Kyle (PA)
Jeremy Kyle has promised to talk about the axing of his daytime TV show. (PA)

Jeremy Kyle has promised to open up on what happened with the cancellation of his daytime TV show.

The presenter, who fronted The Jeremy Kyle Show for nearly 15 years, was abruptly taken off air in May 2019 following the death of one of the show's guests, Steve Dymond, 63.

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As Kyle returned to broadcasting with the launch of his new talkRadio show on Tuesday, he said he was "very proud" of the axed TV programme, for which he was known for his outspoken opinions on guests' dilemmas.

Opening his radio show, he admitted to being nervous and said: "I was walking around this morning and thinking: 'How do I start something like this? What do you say?'

<em>The Jeremy Kyle Show</em> ran for nearly 15 years. (ITV)
The Jeremy Kyle Show ran for nearly 15 years. (ITV)

"Let’s start by talking about the one thing people would expect me to talk about, which is what I did on television for 14 and a half years, that I am very proud of.

"But we will know that there has been a situation, a tragic situation, and much has been written and much has been said.

"For legal reasons, this is a fact, I can’t talk about that. But let me tell you this.

"When I can, I will, and it will be on this radio station. But for now that is a closed chapter. What is important is this radio station."

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Earlier this month, Kyle claimed he had been "cancelled".

In an interview to promote his new talkRadio show, he said: "Listen, I have been cancelled. In this world it seems now that unless you follow a certain path, you are labelled. You have to fight back."

After Dymond's death from a drug overdose, Ofcom said programmes such as The Jeremy Kyle Show and Love Island need to make sure that they look after their contributors following concerns about mental health.

'The Jeremy Kyle Show' was axed in May following the death of a guest (Credit: ITV)
The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed in May 2019 following the death of a guest. (ITV)

Earlier this year, TV executive Dame Carolyn Julia McCall suggested Kyle's show would have been cancelled anyway eventually.

She said: "It was probably something we were looking at anyway to be absolutely honest with you and we made that decision because, in that moment, it was the right thing to do.

"That doesn’t mean to say they did anything wrong on the show, it just felt that given what had happened, the severity of that situation, we just thought that was the right decision to take."

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