Jeremy Renner Shares Sweet Reason Why His Upcoming Super Bowl Commercial Helped Him And His Daughter Heal After His Snow Plow Accident

 Jeremy Renner smiling in Rennervations.
Jeremy Renner smiling in Rennervations.

Along with getting back to work on Mayor of Kingstown a year after his life-threatening snow plow accident, Jeremy Renner has another exciting project in the works: A Super Bowl commercial! The actor is set to star with his 11-year-old daughter Ava in an ad for Silk during the year’s biggest football game, and he got candid about how it helped them heal during his arduous recovery.

With Super Bowl LVIII swiftly approaching on the 2024 TV schedule – it will air on CBS and Paramount+ on February 11 – Renner is getting ready to drop his adorable ad with his daughter. The two will star in a commercial for Silk, and the actor pointed out that the plant-based milk brand was what he used to make protein shakes during his recovery. So, saying yes was a no-brainer. Plus, he got to work with his daughter, and as he told People doing this was “a beacon of hope:”

It’s a beacon of hope for me and for my daughter as well, and this is a new part of our journey together in recovery and in life. Getting back into life in a different way, out of a hospital bed, out of the house, being social, just doing normal things. It represents a lot to me, and I’m very thankful to be here to do this.

In the ad, the Avengers star jumps around, sings “I Got You (I Feel Good),” dances and roundhouse kicks all while making breakfast for his kiddo. He explained that he’s gotten into wellness throughout his recovery over the last year, so he was very down to do all this with Silk:

[Silk is] all about wellness, and I’ve gotten pretty into that because it’s forced upon me as a part of a lifestyle, which is great. I’ve become so healthy now.

The actor, who is no stranger to stunts – which you’ll know if you’ve seen the Marvel movies in order – got to get back in literal action for this too. He went on to say that doing this kind of work again was not only fun but a major milestone:

I still don’t believe it, that it’s even really transpired. There’s some sort of milestones that give me confidence, and this is probably another one of them. I never would’ve tried or attempted any of these types of moves, or dancing around like James Brown on a countertop. I did everything, and it felt good and didn’t hurt too much the next day. I’m happy to have to be tested to try it, but to be honest, there’s a lot of hesitancy, and it’s baby steps for me in this deal.

He’s had the same sort of cautious optimism about getting back to work on Mayor of Kingstown too. While his recovery has been awe-inspiring, he’s still getting back to full health and taking things one day at a time.

Luckily, we’ll get to see Jeremy Renner back in action as their Silk Super Bowl ad will air during the February 11 telecast of the football game. Then, Mayor of Kingstown should return later in the year, as it just started production on Season 3. If you want to tune in to see the Hawkeye star in both his fun ad and his intense Taylor Sheridan drama, all you need is a Paramount+ subscription.