Jeremy Selwyn: sunrises of the year 2021

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 (Jeremy Sekwyn)
(Jeremy Sekwyn)

With working from home back for the foreseeable comes the return of the daily walk. But for Evening Standard photographer Jeremy Selwyn, this has been a staple of his routine for the last 20 years.

Every morning before work he goes for a morning walk around London with his Nikon camera and takes breathtaking photos of the sunrise over the city.

“I’ve been at the Standard for a long time and I start at 6am every day. For 20 years I’ve been going for a morning walk around London and taking photos of the sunrise before I start work.

Then I just go off and do whatever work I’ve got to do for that day,” Selwyn said.

“It’s just a habit I’ve developed over the years — it’s quite a nice way to get into the swing of the day.”

In summer, that sometimes means being up and out by 4.30am to catch the golden glow, but Selwyn says it’s worth it: “When you’re a photographer you can’t help yourself.”

His favourite sunrise snap?

 (Jeremy Sekwyn)
(Jeremy Sekwyn)

“Probably the photo I took of the Shard with a bird flying past reflected on the water. It was taken in summer on one of those ridiculously early mornings. It’s great when something like that happens; a bird flying past at just the right time.

“It’s quite a deceptive photo actually. It looks like the bird is reflected on the Thames but it’s actually just a puddle on a wall.”

More of Jeremy Selwyn’s photos can be found at @jeremyselwynstandard

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