Jeremy Vine: Channel 5 treating Eggheads like a very expensive Ming vase

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Jeremy Vine has said Channel 5 is treating quiz show Eggheads as if it is a “very expensive Ming vase”.

The programme, which sees teams of contestants try to beat a panel of specialist quizzers in a test of their general knowledge, has moved to the broadcaster from the BBC.

Vine, who presents the show, said the channel had changed very little about the programme since it moved between the broadcasters.

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Jeremy Vine (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

He added that for Channel 5, it is “like they’re holding a very expensive Ming vase and not dropping it is the key”.

“You could imagine them saying, ‘We’ll have new titles and new music’ and everything,” he said.

“But actually they didn’t do that.

“They’ve transplanted it in one piece exactly as it was.

“And it’s fantastic. It feels great to us anyway.”

Vine claimed Eggheads was “regularly the most watched show on BBC Two” before the programme left the channel.

He added: “So all I can tell you that anecdotally, I keep being asked when it’s coming back, so at last I’ve got an answer. I’m so excited.”

Vine said working on Eggheads is “a bit line of duty after all these years”.

“We’re sort of used to putting on the same uniforms every Monday morning and doing our job.”

He added: “The actual atmosphere and the vibe of the programme is something special.

“And we’ve all had so many laughs along the way.”

Eggheads began in 2003 and Vine joined the programme in 2008.

The programme returns to Channel 5 on October 4.

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