Jerry Jones focused on building Cowboys around Dak Prescott, not on long-term contract

Dak Prescott doesn’t have a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys and he hasn’t signed the franchise tag yet, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t seem concerned about that at all.

Jones looked toward the future on Thursday night when he spoke with NFL Network during their schedule release show, saying that he’s focused on building a team around their young quarterback — but failing to recognize the contract-shaped elephant in the room.

"I think when I look at the career that Dak has had with the Cowboys, it gives me a really solid feeling about what's in store for us in the future," Jones said, via "We've got to do everything we can — and that's what we're doing in this offseason — to put the players on the Cowboys that are players that can — with his talent as quarterback — really win championships or have a shot at it. That's the thing I think about when I think of where we are and how we are with Dak."

Dak Prescott doesn't have a long-term contract with the Cowboys yet, but owner Jerry Jones is building around his quarterback anyway. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Jones has already built quite a team around Prescott. He’s got skill talent like running back Ezekiel Elliott (who signed a six-year, $90 million extension with the Cowboys in September), and wide receivers Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and the newly-drafted CeeDee Lamb. Plus, Zack Martin and La’el Collins highlight the offensive line. Jones says he’s got more to do to support Prescott’s talent as a quarterback, but he’s done well already.

That doesn’t solve the major problem here, though. Jones can build around Prescott all he wants, but all that building will be useless if Prescott isn’t with the team in 2021. You could assume that building around Prescott means that Jones intends to get a deal done at some point in the next 10-12 months, but it’s been over a year since we first heard rumblings about a possible long-term contract. With Elliott’s deal now in the rearview mirror, it feels ominous that the two sides haven’t reached an agreement yet.

Jones owns the team, so the power to offer Prescott a contract he’ll actually take is entirely in his hands. It’s possible that his continued confidence about Prescott’s future in Dallas is a good sign — but it’s also possible that Prescott’s future with the Cowboys is murky, and Jones is just putting on a good show.

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