New Jersey Couple Find Locally Known Pig on the Loose

A New Jersey couple came across a pig trotting around a forest trail in Egg Harbor Township before alerting its owner of its whereabouts.

Kieran Benitez and her boyfriend Jake said they were hiking when they found Mr Pickles, who they said is a “local celebrity”, running past them. Footage filmed by Benitez shows their interaction with the pig.

“Mr Pickles, get over here,” Jake can be heard saying as he approaches the pig.

“Mr Pickles, come here, come say hi. We see your tail wagging,” Benitez says in the footage.

Benitez told Storyful that they didn’t capture the pig as they didn’t want to scare it. Benitez called the pig’s owner to tell them about the sighting. The owner posted on Facebook page on November 20 saying Mr Pickles was still missing. Credit: Kieran Benitez via Storyful

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