'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' cast previews new season, remembers when Angelina called herself 'the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island'

The cast of MTV's hit show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, talks to Yahoo Entertainment about the new season, what it was like shooting during COVID, and looks back on when Angelina called herself 'the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.' Angelina even gave advice to Pete Davidson, famously from Staten Island and who is dating Kim Kardashian, on where to take her for a date night.

Video transcript


PAULY DELVECCHIO: Yes, sir. We making up for lost time right here.

- (SINGING) This is going to be [INAUDIBLE], cause the new [INAUDIBLE] with a fresh kiss.

- Cheers.


PAULY DELVECCHIO: This season was different simply because we're actually in the middle of a pandemic, but the fact that we're able to do it was really dope. I like that we get to show everybody how we navigated through it.

It's a little bit different with the traveling and everything. And we had a whole COVID staff. We would get tested every three days, temp checks every day. But other than that, it was exactly the same.

VINNY GUADAGNINO: The world has opened up a little bit. We do go on a bunch of different vacations. We go to L.A. this season. We go to the Florida Keys. We're definitely out in the world a little bit more, but we're always to ourselves anyway. So you get a lot of that, and just following everyone's unique story line that the fans have grown up with and continue to follow, who's on their second baby, third baby.

MIKE SORRENTINO: Officially being Big Daddy Sitch, officially being a dad, I'm loving every minute of it.

- He's perfect.


But I am so, so shooketh right now. I don't-- I don't-- I don't want to break it.

It has always worked for me to be honest and authentic. MTV has done a great job with me. I don't know about the other guys, but for me to be authentic and genuine and what's really going on in my life has been awesome, because it's very relatable for other people that's going through life on life's terms.

JENNI FARLEY: We're not the first to do it. We're not the last to do it. So I always say if a viewer is going through what we're going through, maybe it'll help them. Maybe they'll overcome the same issues, just being vulnerable and putting ourselves out there.

PAULY DELVECCHIO: We put the reality in reality TV. There's no faking what we do. You can't fake a marriage, a divorce, jail. You can't fake that stuff. It just actually happens. And we made that decision 10 years ago to document our life, and we meant it, because we're still documenting it. And they're growing up with us. And those events that happen in our life are major events that were going to happen with or without the camera. We just actually happen to have a camera with us to share the world.

NICOLE POLIZZI: Did you miss me?

ANGELINA PIVARNICK: We feel like Nicole never left. [LAUGHS]

DEENA NICOLE CORTESE: Yes. We're just so happy Nicole's back. It was definitely different not having her there. She's our meatball. But the fact that she's back is just like the best thing ever.

NICOLE POLIZZI: I kind of just needed a reset button, because I'm not good with confrontation and drama. Like it just-- it really puts a damper on me. And so I definitely needed time away. But then watching the roomies of the season that I wasn't there, and I was like oh, my God, I miss them. Like this is crazy. Like come on, girl, get your [BLEEP] together. I was ready to come back, and you know, be with my friends.

- Everybody tells me that I'm like Kim Kardashian because I have the swagger like her. I look like her.


VINNY GUADAGNINO: Angelina used to be the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, but now Kim Kardashian is the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.

ANGELINA PIVARNICK: That goes to show you that you could be from Staten Island and get Kim-- Kim Kardashian.


ANGELINA PIVARNICK: I'm all for it. If I suggest one thing to Pete Davidson, just bring her down in [INAUDIBLE] and just hook up with her [? own ?] beach.

VINNY GUADAGNINO: Yeah, you might step on a crack needle, but--


ANGELINA PIVARNICK: He probably has a really big--





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