‘Jersey Shore’ Star Pauly D Amazed by ‘Hollywood Medium’: ‘You Can’t Google That!’

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

DJ Pauly D was amazed by the mystical powers of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. The former star of Jersey Shore now has a very lucrative business as a DJ. But all his success hasn’t helped to alleviate the guilt he felt over the loss a close friend named Billy. So he turned to Henry for help.

Eleven years ago, Billy passed away after racing a his motorcycle and colliding with another vehicle. Pauly D wasn’t with his friend at the time, which left the former reality star filled with guilt.

Channeling Billy, Henry said, “I think the fact [is] that he took a sense of happiness that you weren’t there to see that happen. I mean, that was a good thing for him, because he didn’t want that to be the last way that you would’ve remembered him. So it’s important for us to release any guilt that we might have, you know, about the situation.”

During the reading, Henry told Pauly D that his deceased friend is living vicariously through him, which bolstered the former reality star’s spirits. Pauly D was amazed by Henry, saying, “How do you know that stuff? … It’s amazing to me. Fascinating, actually.”

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on E!

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