New Jersey Softball Team Shows Up to Game Dressed as Classic Pro Wrestlers

A New Jersey softball team opened up a stone-cold can of whoop-ass on Sunday, November 3, surprising the opposing team by showing up dressed as their favorite wrestlers from the 1980s and 90s.

Members of the Big Wally’s Subs & Deli softball team caught their opponents, the Power Falcons, off-guard when they arrived at the Sayreville Sports Complex decked out in outfits that paid tribute to the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane, the Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and others.

Twitter user Jake Ryan, who plays for the Power Falcons, said the game was originally scheduled for Halloween but was postponed due to heavy rain.

Speaking to Storyful, Ryan said the player dressed as Macho Man stayed in character for the whole game, using his iconic ‘garbage’ insult. According to Ryan, each player used their respective wrestler’s entrance music.

“Also we had no idea this was happening so when we pulled into the parking lot, they were already blasting WWE theme music and slamming beers. Right then we all agreed we were screwed,” Ryan said.

“I even saw Roddy Piper in a convenience store before the game and just assumed he pulled an all nighter for a Halloween party and was stopping in for electrolytes lol. But actually he was preparing to pitch to us in slow pitch softball,” he continued. Credit: Jake Ryan via Storyful