Jess Glynne Insists She Won’t Turn Out Like Tragic Amy Winehouse As She Discusses Bisexuality And Fame

She has had a monumental rise to fame from humble roots in North London and is months away from reaching the age at which Amy Winehouse died.

But Jess Glynne has declared that is where the parallels between herself and the tragic soul singer end.

The red-head, 26, says she surrounds herself with solid supporters so she won’t go off the rails like Amy, who died in July 2011.


Amy’s death saw her join the ‘27 Club’: the grim roll-call of singers who have died at the age, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

Jess, above, said: “Amy didn’t have the right people around her. The Amy documentary made me realise why that was so detrimental to everything that she was doing.

“That’s where I’ve got it completely different. I have people that keep me grounded. I think that’s the only thing which keeps you secure in yourself.”

Jess added she no longer enjoys wild nights out because she can’t cope with the hangovers.


Amy Winehouse boozing a year before her death at a Libertines gig in London.

She said in an interview with The Sun On Sunday’s Fabulous magazine: “I did go through a time in my life where I was going out a lot and didn’t really have structure in my life.

“I wasn’t an alcoholic or anything and I’ve never had an issue with alcohol but it was easy to go out and be drunk.

“But I just don’t enjoy being hungover. It’s like the worst feeling in the world. And maybe I’m naive but I don’t feel like there’s loads of drugs around me.

“The people I hang out with just don’t really like that. And I don’t go to a lot of events so I don’t know what goes on. That makes me sound really boring.”

Jess also opened up about being “annoyed” by paparazzi attention during a recent holiday in Miami and speculation on her sex life.

She added: “I’m quite a private person and I’ve always been that way, so I don’t think fame will ever be normal.

“Being in the spotlight makes me quite insecure. You’re always worried. I’m confident in a lot of ways – if I wasn’t, I think that would be quite discouraging. I’d feel like I wouldn’t be a very good role model to all my fans or people around me.

“But it’s important to keep certain things behind closed doors, and that’s what I do.”


Recent reports linked her to her backing singer Holly Petrie after they were apparently spotted kissing and dancing at a Brit Awards after-party.

Jess, pictured above performing last year at London’s Alexandra Palace, fumed about the gossip: “That’s the thing I kinda hate… Holly Petrie is my backing singer. That’s all she is.”

She insists she’s currently single and happy to stay that way.

Jess added she has had relationships with men and women but refuses to label her sexuality, adding: “I mean, for me, it’s not even a thing. I just get on with it and I am what I am and I just don’t think it’s a big thing.”

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