Jess Phillips on being a girl crush and sarcasm in politics

Labour MP Jess Phillips explains how she's ended up as a girl crush for women of a certain age, and how important sarcasm is in politics.

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: There's a girl crush thing going on with you, Jess. Women of my age are, like, fangirling over you. What is it that's got our bra straps in a twist?

JESS PHILLIPS: I think that that is the same with 30 to 40-year-old gay men as well, because I met a load of the people who make "RuPaul's Drag Race" the other day, and they were literally like, oh, my god! I love you! Like--


JESS PHILLIPS: I think it's just that-- I mean, I am very of an era as well. And I know all the cultural references that sort of women in their 40s and early 50s would know.

And also I just-- I just speak as I find. But also I speak about the kind of things that women care about, and that is refreshing for them to-- but I don't do it in a-- I mean, sometimes I do, but I try not to do it in a way that is dour. I'm cheerful. I try and be cheerful. I find being--

KATE THORNTON: It's humorous and sarcastic.

JESS PHILLIPS: Yeah, that's--

KATE THORNTON: They don't have enough sarcasm in politics.

JESS PHILLIPS: You've just got to take the piss sometimes. Like, that is my love language, to take the mick out of someone.


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