Jessica Alba Just Wore the Comfy Fall Bottoms Even Sweatpant Haters Will Love

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They’re cozy and chic.

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Jessica Alba

Despite fall’s cozy reputation — like buttery-soft knits and warm jackets — there’s one seasonal staple that doesn’t fall into the “comfy” category. Often, below those quintessential cuddly elements lands a pair of rigid, scratchy jeans. And while yes, we’re moving in the right direction with the new wave of baggy, wide-leg styles, we still haven’t reached a point where I’d describe my jeans as really comfortable. That’s why when I saw Jessica Alba wearing what are essentially elevated sweatpants, I had an immediate “take my money!” reaction.

The actress was spotted stepping out in an earth-toned outfit that’s perfect for fall. On top, she wore a fitted, brown T-shirt with a camel-colored sweater tied around her waist. And on bottom, she sported pants to match. Her camel sweater pants fit snug around the waist and flared out at the leg, creating an ultra-flattering silhouette that also appeared seriously comfortable.

The Drop Cynthia Wide-Leg Sweater Pants




Darling Sterling Sweater Pants

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Darling Society


Alba’s pair featured visible seams that elevated the pants, giving the stretchy trousers some structure, while the light-brown color looked more luxurious than a classic gray hue. Though they might feel like the sweats, the quality, knit-like fabric and not-so-baggy fit transforms them into something far chicer than your average sweatpants. In fact, you can wear them for work, travel, and anything in between.

Though Alba’s look leaned more everyday thanks to her sneakers and tee, sweater pants work for more than just lounging and errands. As Gigi Hadid has proven time and again, they can easily be dressed up, pairing her cashmere ones with crisp white button ups, blazers, and even vintage Dior. They’re versatile bottoms that look elegant — plus, you won’t regret wearing them, like you might jeans.

As we head into fall, I’m taking a cue from Alba and adding sweater pants to my wardrobe. Find more inspired by the actress’ pair, below.

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