Jessica Alba Opens Up About 'Really Healthy Relationship' with Her Kids: ‘Learning from Each Other’ (Exclusive)

Alba's Honest Company products are featured in the brand-new Beverly Hills BabyList showroom

Stefanie Keenan/Getty
Stefanie Keenan/Getty

As a mom of three, Jessica Alba learns from her kids just as much as they learn from her.

"They're either teaching me something every day or I'm teaching them something," the Honest Company co-founder, 42, tells PEOPLE exclusively at the BabyList Showroom in Beverly Hills, which features her company products.

"We're learning from each other. It's definitely a back and forth," she says, adding that it's important to "not take the relationship for granted, knowing that I'm always going to be there for them, and for right now, they're always going to be in the house. We have a really healthy relationship and unconditional love for one another."

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Over time, Alba has also realized that the key to nurturing those healthy relationships with her kids is words of affirmation. (Alba shares daughters Honor Marie, 15, and Haven Garner, 12, and 5½-year-old son Hayes with husband Cash Warren.)

"It's important to say, 'Hey, you did a good job today,' or 'I love you,' or 'I really liked how you handled that situation or this situation.' And I don't know if I am always mindful to check in with them in that way. I've noticed recently that even those little things matter," the actress says.

Jessica Alba/Instagram
Jessica Alba/Instagram

She continues, "Sometimes you can just skim over them. Like, 'Yeah, they're good kids.' They know how to go through the world, but sometimes it's important still to call it out and to make them feel seen and heard, even for little things."

While there are many joys that come with motherhood, not every day is easy and Alba has practices in place to get her through it.

"Meditation helps. I do like to do a morning meditation, and that helps set up the rest of the day so that even the tough times can not feel so edgy and they don't feel so sharp," she explains. "It smooths out some of those really high highs or really low lows."

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On her collaboration with BabyList, Alba says only "the best of our best" Honest Company products will be featured in the show room, like organic clothing and the vegan diaper bag, which is gender neutral.

"What I really love about BabyList is just that they have the best of the best in every category. So if you're looking for a breast pump or a baby carrier or a stroller or a car seat, they have them in this showroom," she says.

Adding, "So you could really touch and feel and experience all of these things, which is so major, especially if you're a new parent and you don't know what you really want."

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