Jessica Alba reveals the 'really insulting' jibe her kids throw at her

Jessica Alba's kids mock her "dorky" dress sense.

The 'Sin City' actress - who has Honor, 15, Haven, 12, and Hayes, five, with husband Cash Warren - admitted it's unusual for her daughters to want to borrow any of her clothes because they think she "dresses like a mom", a critique she can't help but feel insulted by.

She told People magazine: "I mean, Haven can fit [into] my shoes, but she kind of thinks my shoes are dorky, so she doesn't really. Sometimes Honor will grab some tops or something, but yeah, not really. We have different styles.

"They always say I dress like a mom, which is really insulting. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, I could literally kill you.' And they're like, 'But you are a mom.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, but you don't have to say it like that. So rude.'"

The 42-year-old star laughed that her daughters "love not having the same style as me," but do "really love all my style recommendations, saying they would never wear it."

But Jessica isn't too upset because she's confident in her fashion choices.

She added: "So that's just where they're at right now. And I'm like, 'It's fine. I promise I have good style. You'll figure it out one day.'"

The Honest Company co-founder insisted she learns just as much from her daughters and her son as they do from her.

She said: "They're either teaching me something every day or I'm teaching them something.

"We're learning from each other. It's definitely a back and forth."

Jessica will never take her bond with her kids for granted and knows even small words of praise matter to them.

She said: "[It's important to] not take the relationship for granted, knowing that I'm always going to be there for them, and for right now, they're always going to be in the house. We have a really healthy relationship and unconditional love for one another.

"It's important to say, 'Hey, you did a good job today,' or 'I love you,' or 'I really liked how you handled that situation or this situation.' And I don't know if I am always mindful to check in with them in that way. I've noticed recently that even those little things matter.

"Sometimes you can just skim over them. Like, 'Yeah, they're good kids.' They know how to go through the world, but sometimes it's important still to call it out and to make them feel seen and heard, even for little things."