Quick-thinking jet skier puts out boat fire - video

Rebecca Lewis
1 February 2013

A jet skier ingeniously extinguished a boat fire by dousing the flames with water sprayed up by his expert manoeuvres.

Brave Dean Linic, 23, came to the rescue after hearing an explosion while relaxing with family in Lake Buffalo, Australia. 

Fearing there may be people on board he instantly jumped on his jet ski docked nearby.

He said: "We just heard this almighty explosion and we looked up and there was just black smoke going straight up so I just dropped the paper, jumped on a jet-ski and went around [to the boat]."

Luckily the two 17-year-olds passengers on board the vessel had already jumped into the water to escape the flames.

But the fire continued to ravage the boat, as a plume of black smoke rose in the picturesque lake.

In a daring act Mr Linic swerved alongside the boat and showered it with a huge spray of water.

He told 'The Australian': "There was no fire-fighting gear down there, and I just thought it was too far out to run out with an extinguisher.

“You just use common sense. You’ve got all this water around you, why not use that?"

To the cheers of onlookers the jet skier managed to put out the fire after a few swerves.

A 17-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital but escaped life-threatening injuries, while his girlfriend suffered minor injuries.

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