Jethro Tull will replay seven decades of music live at Sheffeld City Hall

The band, led by founder Ian Anderson, arrives at the City Hall on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Fans will hear songs spanning the band’s entire catalogue of music from their 1968 debut album ‘This Was’ through to their latest album ‘RökFlöte’ that was released earlier this year.

Through their 23 studio albums, Jethro Tull have continued to push the boundaries of their music. With Ian’s unique and iconic flute playing paired with his distinct vocal, they are one of the most important and distinctive bands the UK have ever produced and Ian’s desire to continually innovate has ensured they remain as relevant around the world today as they did in the Seventies.

Announcing the run of 11 shows around the country, Ian said: “We have been playing UK tours in many of the same venues for the past 55 years. But the quiet magic of towns and cities I know so well never fails to amuse and amaze.
”Many of the UK theatre venues have changed their names and had the odd facelift, The London Palladium is new for us, as far as I recollect, and takes me back to my youth with nights of TV variety shows.

“We shall be playing songs from each of the seven decades of Jethro Tull albums. Learning and rehearsing some half-forgotten tracks from our catalogue is like meeting old friends after a long silence. Yes - they have aged, but the years drop away after a few run-throughs and a couple of beers.

“We hope to see you along the way and bring a hankie for those tearful nostalgic moments. Or wipe off the flute spit if you are in the front row.

"As the equivalent of Michael Portillo with a flute, I tend to use the train for UK tours and travel alone while the others go on a tour bus or vans.”

Jethro Tull were founded in 1968 and later that year released the aforementioned, blues-oriented album ’This Was’, the following year they released ‘Stand Up’, a more home-grown and eclectic album which saw the start of the bands unique journey to become globally renowned for their experimental sound that pushed musical boundaries. Jethro Tull incorporated English folk, hard rock and classical music to forge their progressive rock sound.[

By the mid-Seventies and with a number line-up changes, Ian Anderson remained the focal point and driving force of the band, advancing their sound and live performance to become as globally renowned as Led Zeppelin, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones.

Jump on seven decades to 2023 and they’ve sold more than 60 million albums, have an extensive global fan base and more than 30 studio and live albums to their name… but much remains the same! With Ian at the helm, the band’s hunger for creativity and experimentation is as strong as ever and only evolves and develops.

The globetrotting Seven Decades Tour kicks off this August with headline shows and festival appearances through North America before coming to the UK.

Tickets cost 49.95; go to