Flying high: Swiss 'Jetman' soars at 190mph with Kevlar jet-wing

Rebecca Lewis
Flying high: Swiss 'Jetman' soars at 190mph with Kevlar jet-wing

Soaring miles above the ground, this flying Swiss adventurer could be mistaken for Superman.

But Yves "Jetman" Rossy is the world's first jet-powered man - able to race planes at 190mph in the air with the gracefulness of a bird.

The 54-year-old daredevil wowed crowds at an air show in Wisconsin, America, as he weaved through the air with a four engine carbon Kevlar jet-wing.  At times he flew just feet away from a B17 plane.

Advanced technology allows the Jetman to use subtle body movements in his shoulders or legs to steer and descend in the air.

And a throttle in his hand allows the adventurer to shoot upwards into the sky at an eye-watering 150mph.

He is able to soar as high as 12,000ft, but normally stays at 5,000ft to do manoeuvres and formations.

The former Swiss Air Force pilot's first American flight is just one extraordinary feat to add to his list of accomplishments.

He has flown above Rio de Janeiro, crossed the English Channel and has flown in formation with the Breitling Jet Team - the largest civilian aerobatic display team in Europe.

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He said: "I have been pursuing my dream of flying in the most natural possible form for many years, and I am always experimenting to get as close as possible to that goal.

"By being a part of this highly-regarded and world-famous aviation event, I’m sharing with this audience of enthusiasts, fans, and young people that it’s possible to push the frontiers of aviation.”