Jimmy Fallon demolishes hot dog, chugs beer at Lightning-Rangers game

Jimmy Fallon went all out during Game 5 of the Rangers-Lightning NHL playoff series. (Photo via @Sportsnet/Twitter)
Jimmy Fallon went all out during Game 5 of the Rangers-Lightning NHL playoff series. (Photo via @Sportsnet/Twitter)

Playoff hockey makes everyone go a little bananas, even if you’re a celebrity talk show host.

At Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning, New York resident and hockey fan Jimmy Fallon was a little bit stressed out with the game still scoreless into the second period.

With a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other, Fallon proceeded to dunk the meat tube inside his beer, only to then savagely shove it in his face as pieces of bun fell onto the surrounding crowd. And then, naturally, the beer was messily chugged in an act of hurried consumption.

Just like Rangers goalie Igor Shesterkin soaks up every single shot he faces, Fallon absorbed any refreshment available to him.

Fallon received plenty of applause for his hilarious display of mid-game entertainment, but he wasn’t the only celebrity to show up for the all-important battle to see who moves one step closer to the Stanley Cup Final.

Timothée Chalamet was briefly shown on the jumbotron, but the actor then hid under his chair, away from the camera.

Other movie stars were a little more accepting of the short spotlight. Liam Neeson leaned into his display on the giant screen at Madison Square Garden with some cheering for the home team.

And Simu Liu took it to a whole different level by providing the heated crowd with an exposing change of shirts, showing that even if he calls Toronto home, he can support the Rangers for this one series.

The celebrity sightings probably eased a little bit of the tension for Rangers fans as their team is locked in a tightly contested series on the ice. If New York does manage to advance to the Stanley Cup Final, you can bet even more stars will flock to the arena.

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