Jimmy Savile 'Abused Dying Hospice Patients'

Jimmy Savile sexually abused dying hospice patients, detectives are expected to reveal.

The late TV star also used the cover of his charity work to attack victims at many hospitals around the country, according to a dossier to be published by Scotland Yard.

It marks the end of the police investigation into allegations against Savile alone.

Prosecutors are also expected to offer an explanation over why Savile was never charged after some complaints were investigated during his life.

In the 10-week inquiry launched in October, after a TV documentary exposed Savile as a predatory and prolific paedophile , 450 people claimed they were his victims.

Detectives had already revealed that they have formally recorded 31 rape allegations and a total of 199 crimes, mostly of sex abuse, across 17 police force areas.

Peter Saunders, of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood , said: "Savile is one of the worst offenders in history.

"I'd put him alongside killers such ad Fred West, Harold Shipman and the Moors murderers, because he killed his victims' spirit and soul.

"Everywhere he went was an opportunity to commit his vile crimes against the most vulnerable victims in the most inappropriate places, hospitals, hospices, schools and children's homes."

He added: "Although Savile will never face justice, the police investigation has allowed people to speak up where they didn't before and free themselves of their burden."

It is thought that a Department of Health investigation into Savile's abuse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor - where he was a volunteer worker and allowed unprecedented access - will be expanded because of allegations from many other health establishments.

Broadmoor patient Steven George said: "For those who had gone while he was still living to the police they must be absolutely furious and there were, I understand, quite a few.

"I experienced the same almost cynical laughter when I tried to report him when he was alive and I hated that.

"But I would keep on reporting and I think victims need to come forward."

Scotland Yard has closed the part of Operation Yewtree that investigated claims of crimes committed by Savile alone, but continues to examine allegations of Savile offending with others, and suspects with no connection with him.