Jimmy Savile report: Map shows how presenter's sex abuse spread far and wide

Wide ranging: The map showing where Savile's abuse took place (Met Police/NSPCC)

Police have released a UK map outlining the horrific geographical range of Jimmy Savile's 'predatory' sex offending.

A report released by the Met Police and NSPCC today details the huge extent of Savile's sex abuse, which spread far and wide across

The Operation Yewtree report shows how Savile's victims ranged from eight to 47 years old, including 174 females and 40 males.

It emerged that 50 of his attacks took place at hospitals, 33 at TV or radio stations, and 14 at schools.

But presenting the daunting range of facts and figures underlying the catalogue of offences, Britain's biggest children's charity, the NSPCC, said "behind every number is a person who suffered".

The shocking police report also reveals that Savile was at his most prolific in the south east - he committed 43 offences in the Metropolitan Police area, and 30 in Thames Valley.

A further 34 of the Leeds presenter's offences took place in the West Yorkshire, along with 14 in Great Manchester.

Here is a snapshot of victims who came forward to reveal their experiences:

1960 - A 10-year-old boy saw Savile outside a hotel and asked for his autograph. They went into the hotel reception where he was seriously sexually assaulted.

1965 - A 14-year-old girl met Savile in a nightclub. She later visited his home and was raped.

- A 12-year-old boy and two female friends attended a recording of Top of the Pops. During a break in filming Savile groped the boy's genitals and the breasts of his two friends.

- A 16-year-old female hospital patient was befriended by Savile. He led her to an office where he kissed her, touched her inappropriately and then subjected her to a sexual assault.

- Savile took a 14-year-old schoolgirl for a drive in his car and seriously sexually assaulted her.

- A 43-year-old woman was sexually assaulted by Savile when he put his hand up her skirt while talking to her on a train journey between Leeds and London.