Jimmy Thelin makes Aberdeen FC demand needed for success that's served Elfsborg boss well during tougher times

-Credit: (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)
-Credit: (Image: Alamy Stock Photo)

Jimmy Thelin has called for unity at Aberdeen to deliver success.

The new Reds boss has long been gearing up for his switch to Pittodrie as he works his final days with Elfsborg. Thelin is due to take charge of the Dons after his final match against IFK Goteborg on Saturday, having been confirmed as Barry Robson's permanent successor in April. The 46-year-old, who was appointed in the middle of last month, has a clear vision for the job in the Granite City. But Thelin is clear that everyone must be on the same page for the Dons to progress.

He said: “We have to keep it in one direction and give everything we have to create success together. We have a lot of work to do together at Aberdeen. Everyone has to be working in the same direction. Me, the staff, the people inside the club and the supporters. I think everyone is really looking forward to working together.”

Thelin is bringing Elfsborg assistants Christer Persson and Emir Bajrami to the Scottish Premiership with Peter Leven staying on as assistant first-team coach. He says the unity he’s demanding at Aberdeen has been crucial to his strong work over the seven seasons he has spent with Elfsborg.

Thelin explained: “What I am proud of is how closely we have all worked. When it was most turbulent, we managed to keep the direction.

“We didn’t get carried away by the pressure from outside or all the emotions when there are setbacks. There have been ups and downs and through that the ties are tied even closer. Elfsborg is a very united club.”

Thelin has built a reputation for shaping teams and added: “Every year we have had a high turnover of players. It is not always easy to get a hit right away. It takes some time before players find their way, Elfsborg is very good at that.

“There had been changes in the squad because some players have moved on. They have done a lot of good for Elfsborg and it was time for them to take the step into Europe.

“Then we have to find that basic stability, some have very high peaks, but need a higher platform to start on. That journey must be made by all players, and all have made it. You sometimes forget that everyone needs that time.”