Jim’s Top 10 Pranks on Dwight

With all of The Office available on Netflix, it was inevitable that a return to Scranton to visit our friends at Dunder Mifflin was going to happen, offering a binge-worthy return to what will be considered a classic US TV show.

Over the nine seasons in which we were able to enjoy the US TV hit The Office, there was plenty to keep us glued to our screens: the insane management and embarrassing situations created by bumbling office manager Michael Scott, the timeless TV romance between Pam and Jim, the general hilarity of the staff and their stories.

Also, the pranks.

Jim and Dwight carried an ongoing feud for most of their time together on The Office. Dwight, the blunt, old-fashioned, and partially crazy salesman vs. Jim, the disenchanted, bored up-and-comer looking to find his place. It made for a great rivalry, and eventually, a great alliance between the two enemies/friends.

Over the years, there were tons of pranks that Jim played on Dwight. To entertain himself and Pam, or to get revenge on Dwight for his crazed actions. Here are my choices for the Top 10 pranks that Jim played on Dwight over the course of the show.

10. Desk Wrap

The good-old “wrap someone’s desk in holiday paper while they’re gone” gag was taken to the extreme by Jim, who created a perfect replica of Dwight’s work station in wrapping paper. The catch: there was no desk or chair underneath, causing it to hilariously crumple as soon as he sat down.

9. The Website is Self-Aware

When Dunder Mifflin introduces onilne buying for its customers, it’s time for Jim to make Dwight believe that the website has become self-aware. With the help of Pam, they manage to leave him scrambling to out-sell the computer, who is developing evil thoughts of its own.

8. Pavlov’s Dog…Dwight’s Altoids

After learning about Pavlov’s dog experiments, Jim decides that he will condition Dwight to desire an Altoid every time he hears a chime from his computer. The results are effective, leaving Dwight cotton-mouthed with his hand out without thinking about it.

7. Jim is a Vampire

When a bat infiltrates the office, Jim takes the opportunity to convince his nemesis that he is becoming a vampire. All the signs are there…sensitivity to light, garlic issues, sore teeth. Of course, Dwight falls for it, hook, line, and sinker.

6. Faxes from Future Dwight

Armed with some of Dwight’s stationary, Jim takes the time to send faxes to Dwight from his future self, warning him of events that have “happened.” Even after his transfer to Stamford, Jim is able to mess with Dwight, causing him to believe that a pot of coffee has been poisoned.

5. It’s Friday

One of the best ways to mess with Dwight turned out being something simple: when Dwight casually mentions that he thinks it’s Friday, Jim goes to great lengths to keep him convinced of that, despite it being Thursday. The goal: to get Dwight to be late, or miss, a day of work, ruining his perfect attendance record. It works, and the episode ends with Dwight scrambling into work hours late.

4. The Vending Machine

Putting all of Dwight’s personal belongings, including his wallet, proved to be a stroke of genius by Jim. It not only allowed others to purchase Dwight’s things for cheap, but left him scrambling to buy back his own items, helped of course by a bag of nickels that Jim kindly provided him.

3. Desk in the Bathroom

When Dwight arrives at work to find his desk missing, he is forced to play a game of “Hot and Cold” with Jim to help him find it. Naturally, it has been placed in the men’s washroom, where Dwight is forced to sit and get some work done, including a phone call from Jim asking about a discount on one of the types of paper.

2. Nickels in the Headset

Jim painstakingly places nickels in Dwight’s phone, causing it to become heavier over weeks. Eventually, once Dwight has become used to the added weight of the phone, Jim removes all of them, causing Dwight to essentially punch himself in the head with the light phone.

1. Dressed as Dwight

Of all the memorable lines that have come out of The Office, few compare to when Jim replicates Dwight for $11. Glasses, clothes, hair, inane questions. He had it all down pat, driving Dwight mad. From the prank, we get the line, “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” For a few bucks, Jim had us all laughing, and Dwight in a frenzy.