Jinger Duggar wore ripped jeans and fans don't know how to feel

These days, plain old denim pants seem pretty tame with the recent creation of clear plastic mom jeans or backside zipper jeans. But not when you’re from a family that famously abides by a strict set of values that require women to dress conservatively per traditional gender roles.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo, the sixth-oldest Duggar child of 19 Kids and Counting  fame, has defied her family’s dress code multiple times recently — and as evidenced by the risqué jeans she’s pictured wearing in her husband Jeremy Vuolo’s latest Instagram, she’s back at it again.

On Monday, Jeremy posted a photo of his wife sitting on a couch reading. “Trying my eye behind the lens (it helps having a beautiful subject),” he shared in the caption. However, commenters aren’t complimenting the former professional soccer player’s photography skills. Rather, they’re more focused on Jinger’s casual outfit made up of tight skinny blue jeans with tiny tears, a varsity-style sweater, and sneakers.

While this outfit would be considered conservative to some, not for a woman who isn’t supposed to wear pants. As per Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s rules, Jinger and her sisters must wear skirts and dresses that cover the entire thigh to avoid tempting men’s sexual desires.

Unsurprisingly, followers are reacting to her outfit. “First time seeing one of the Duggar girls wearing jeans,” one follower pointed out. Apparently they missed Jinger’s similar outfit in August, but that time she wore pink jeans and black Jordans.

Most commenters are on board with her denim desires. “So happy for her to decide on her own,” one follower expressed. “Love the outfit! jeans suit you,” gushed another. “I am in love that she is making her own fashion choices and rules!” one follower said. “[L]ook at ginger go in the sneakers and pants again,” a supporter said. “I love her in jeans! Can’t wait to see her Jean outfits on the show hopefully.” Some are so impressed by the outfit, they suggest she start a fashion blog.

Photo: Instagram/Jeremy Vuolo

“I really like it. @jingervuolo is becoming her own person. That’s always a good thing,” someone wrote. “@jingervuolo wearing pants literally gives me life. She probably has no idea how many people are empowered by her simple decision to wear some dang pants. Love it, she’s awesome,” another shared. “Love this couple! And Jinger proves that you don’t have to dress frumpy (baggy jeans skirts!) to be modest,” one person pointed out.

Others are so inspired, they just want to know where they can get the same jeans.

A handful are also perplexed by the sartorial choice. “I am confused, I thought your faith did not allow women to wear pants? Correct me if I am wrong, pretty cool to see, since Ginger is a great dresser,” one follower wrote. “Risqué in the ripped jeans?” asked someone else. “She’s wearing pants!?”

Some fans are disappointed by how much attention her jeans are getting. “I literally clicked on the comments just to see how many people were so focused on what she is wearing! Get over it people … it’s not a miraculous transformation. It’s just clothes. She’s a beautiful soul regardless of what she chooses to wear,” one follower wrote. “Lol just clothing people. Not like it’s a 5 headed dog or belong in Guinness book of records,” said another. “Haha wonder how long it will take until people stop freaking out about Jinger wearing pants. … Like every other normal young woman. Give it a rest.”

Unfortunately, people haven’t always been so supportive. When Jinger first went public wearing a pair of pants in April, she got a lot of backlash. She was in Waco, Texas, with sisters Jessa Seewald, 24, and Jana Duggar, 27. While the latter two were dressed in modest skirts, Jinger stood out in a pair of army-green pants and a red jacket, which some called “unacceptable.”

When she wore the pink jeans and Jordans over the summer, some wondered if Jinger was really being independent in her fashion choices. “She’s not being her own person, she’s just being Jeremy’s dress up doll,” one follower wrote. “She went from trying to please her parents to trying to please Jeremy. I don’t believe for one second that this was Jinger’s inner style before she met Jeremy. It’s just what he has pushed on her.”

Luckily, loads of her followers have been supportive from the start of her wardrobe evolution. Just look at some of the responses to her blue shorts from March 2017.

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