Joanne Froggatt: Sherwood drama is unlike anything I've ever seen

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Joanne Froggatt on her new role as Conservative councillor in true crime drama  Sherwood credit:Bang Showbiz
Joanne Froggatt on her new role as Conservative councillor in true crime drama Sherwood credit:Bang Showbiz

Joanne Froggatt has said that 'Sherwood' is unlike anything she has ever seen.

The 41-year-old actress is starring in the new BBC series that focuses on the true story of the Nottinghamshire murders of 2004 and described the crime drama as "really really special."

She said: "It’s not your average anything. It’s really, really special. I don’t say that about everything. I mean, you do feel, obviously, a big pull to all the projects you do, but this is just such an incredible story. I haven't read or seen anything like this before."

The six-part series - which is penned by an acclaimed TV writer James Graham explores the story of two separate and unrelated murders which took place in the small mining village within a fortnight of each other almost two decades ago and sparked a massive manhunt at Annesley Woods, where both killers were believed to have fled.

She said: "The way James has moulded this story, and he’s created these really real, brilliantly put together characters and community amongst this real sort of political thriller, but not just a political thriller. It’s just got everything in there. It’s a really, yeah, it’s a really incredible piece of work."

The former 'Downton Abbey star takes on the role of Conservative councillor Sarah Vincent in the drama who is getting married to Neel Fisher - played by Bally Gill - when an ex-miner is killed following an argument about the 1984 Miner's Strike just days before a 23-year-old newlywed was found dead at her home in the same area.

In the joint interview, Joanne's co-star Bally, 30, explained that there is a "pressure" to do justice for the families of victims when taking on roles inspired by real life.

He told "When people from the family were involved, who gave the blessing to James, and from him being from that area, I think you’ve always felt a certain amount of pressure anyway, to feel like you can represent these people represent them well. Whether that’s become them, sound like them… but also at the same time, we try and create something that’s, as Jo was saying, something that I don’t think is quite been done before"

'Sherwood' premieres on BBC One on Monday 13 June at 9pm and will continue to air on Mondays and Tuesdays over the course of three weeks, with episodes available on BBC iPlayer after broadcast.