'It is job done': Mark Reckless jumps ship from UKIP

Mark Reckless has quit Ukip (Picture: REX Features)

Mark Reckless has announced that he is leaving UKIP to join the Conservative group in the Welsh Assembly.

In a letter, the politician announced that he was leaving the party ‘positively’, having achieved the ‘joint aim’ of leaving the European Parliament.

He wrote: ‘For me, it is job done now that Article 50 has been triggered. I campaigned all my adult life for us to leave the EU. Now we are, under a Conservative government. I support Theresa May and her team of Brexit ministers, to deliver.

Mark Reckless has announced that he is leaving Ukip (Picture: Mark Reckless)

‘As a country, it is right we seek a sensible settlement with the EU, rather than no deal. The UK Conservative government is getting us out of the EU and I want to back it.’

But despite rumours that Mr Reckless would be rejoining the Conservative Party, it seems that this is not the case.

Instead, Mr Reckless claimed that he joined the Conservative Group to secure ‘greater influence’ for his Welsh Assembly Meeting constituents.

Mr Reckless made headlines in 2014,when he defected from the Conservative Party to join Ukip ont the heels of Douglas Carswell.

He won re-election as a UKIP MP for Rochester & Strood in November, but eventually lost his seat to the Conservative Party at the 2015 general election.

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His departure from UKIP comes only weeks after Clacton MP Douglas Carswell left the party and vowed to continue as an independent MP.

In his departing speech, he claimed that the ‘work was done’ after Ukip successfully campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union.