Jodie Comer: 'I offered my dad my ‘Killing Eve’ scripts but he said no!'


This weekend the game of cat and mouse begins again, as the second season of Killing Eve kicks off in the States. Star Jodie Comer, who plays assassin Villanelle in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s hit thriller, was on Build TV to talk about the show, revealing how she tried leaking scripts to her dad – but he didn’t want to read them. Oh no, he preferred to watch what happens with everyone else.

“My dad loves the show. He’s watched it 16 times!” Comer said happily, adding. “I said to him, ‘the scripts are there if you want to read them’. And my dad’s like ‘no!’”

He may change his mind when the drama returns, because things will be very different for Villanelle this time out. After all, she was badly wounded in the final episode of the last series.

Comer added, “She definitely fears for her life this time. We see her so vulnerable.” But then she hasn’t survived for this long through luck. “She’s like a snake. She lures people in for the power trip.”

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What isn’t a power trip is the amount of food she eats on camera. Comer admits she has a similar appetite to her character and loves the fact Villanelle has such an impressive hunger. “You often see actors pushing peas around their plate on screen. But I do understand that. One day I had to eat pasta from 9am to 6pm.”

Last time around UK audiences had to wait six long months to fall for Jodie Comer’s Villanelle, but the powers that be behind the show have hinted that things won’t be so slow this time round.

In the interview, she also revealed that she’ll be making her first feature film this year – and with Ryan Reynolds no less. The scouser admitted that she’d signed on the dotted line for Free Guy, but was still awaiting more details.

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The film directed by Shawn Levy, will see Reynolds discover that he is actually a background character in a video game. Comer will play an avatar called Molotov who helps him with his escape plan.

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