Joe Lycett says his ticket sales have ‘exploded’ since ‘coming out as right-wing’

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Joe Lycett claims his recent comments about Liz Truss has resulted in sales for his comedy tour “exploding”.

The comic was featured on the BBC political discussion show Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg on 4 September.

During his appearance, Lycett claimed to be a “right-wing” Tory supporter and sarcastically expressed his anticipation for Liz Truss to be named as the next Prime Minister.

“I know there’s been criticism in The Mail on Sunday today about leftie liberal wokey comedians on the BBC,” he said. “I’m actually very right-wing and I love it. I thought she gave great clear answers. I know exactly what she’s up to.”

He continued the joke the following day (Monday 5 September) when Truss was officially announced as Boris Johnson’s successor, tweeting: “Yes @trussliz absolutely smashed it babe!!!”

Clips of his comments quickly spread across social media and people hailed him as a “genius” for his mischievous antics.

He expressed delight in the furore by saying that he was “off to the framers” to commemorate a front-page Daily Mail headline that referred to his remarks.

On Tuesday (6 September), Lycett announced that as a result of the recent media attention, he’s received a boost to ticket sales for his ongoing tour, More, More, More! How Do You Lycett? How Do You Lycett?

Joe Lycett gives an update on ticket sales (Twitter / Joe Lycett)
Joe Lycett gives an update on ticket sales (Twitter / Joe Lycett)

“FYI since coming out as right-wing my tour sales have exploded,” he tweeted, before adding a link to buy tickets and the hashtags: #staywokestaybroke #fairplaytojanet.

Lycett has built something of a reputation for his political pranks and commentary. Previously, he released a fake Sue Gray report that some Tory MPs believed to be real.