Joe Swash shares hilarious image of an exhausted Stacey Solomon

Chris Edwards
Stacey Solomon hasn't been getting much sleep since the birth of her third child Rex (Instagram/Stacey Solomon)

Joe Swash has shared an amusing photo of girlfriend Stacey Solomon sleeping in a rather awkward position alongside their newborn son Rex.

Solomon has recently opened up about how she has struggled to get enough sleep since the birth of their son, and Swash was keen to document one of the rare occasions in which she finally managed to nod off.

In the photo, an exhausted Solomon, who also has two other children, is seen sleeping next to baby Rex in an awkward position on the sofa, with one leg sprawled over the armrest and a pillow balancing on her head.

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Swash captioned the image: “I promise this photo is 100% NOT set up! This was exactly how I found @staceysolomon when I got back from the gym #welldeserved.”

Solomon reposted the image, explaining that she’s crashed out after taking care of the baby and that the day had been a total “write off”.

“I needed to sleep so badly today but I get sad when I sleep through the day and I wake up and it’s nearly night time!” she wrote. “But it’s OK tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be ready for it. Probably. Maybe. Might actually not be though haha!

“P.S if you think I believe for one second that that pillow just happened to be there - you’re wrong! I’ll get you back, right after I get my mind back!”

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This comes just a few days after Solomon shared a video on Instagram of her night from “hell”, as baby Rex needed feeding six times in the night.

“Last night was hell,” she joked, looking blearily-eyed at the camera. “How can one baby eat so much, so often? I didn’t even have to time to express in between. Help me!”

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