Joe Theismann says he wants to talk to Dak Prescott, share words of encouragement

Jack Baer
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has the support of just about the entire NFL after sustaining a horrific ankle injury on Sunday, but only a few really know what he’s going through.

As Joe Theismann called it in an interview with TMZ, it’s a fraternity hoping it receives no new members.

When asked about reaching out to Prescott over their shared history of awful injuries on big stages, Theismann said it is something he wishes wasn’t necessary, but hopes to do:

“Unfortunately, it’s a fraternity that continues to grow and we don’t want any more members.

“I’d love to reach out to Dak. Matter of fact, I put feelers out to see if it’s a possibility that I might be able to just have a conversation with him and tell him no matter what you go through mentally, you’re going to get through this and you’re going to be OK.”

Theismann had already expressed commiseration for Prescott on Twitter immediately after the injury, which has ended Prescott’s season as he approaches free agency:

Alex Smith, another Washington quarterback who experienced a horrific leg injury, has expressed a similar thought, but said he “didn’t want to scare the hell out of him” by immediately comparing Prescott’s injury to one that almost cost Smith his leg two years ago.

Like Theismann and Smith, Prescott has a long road to recovery in front of him. Theismann said the following about what he’ll need to do:

“Interestingly enough, all three of us broke our right legs. That happens to be our plant leg ... Being able to plant and push off and feel like you have that same power and same energy coming from the lower part of your body, to be able to throw the ball, is going to be very important. Paul George went through this trying to jump when he broke his. Kevin Ware, at Louisville, same thing. First time we really saw that on television.

“Everybody has to gain back that confidence that they can do what they did.”

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