Joe Thomas not sure about Inbetweeners reunion

Joe Thomas not sure about Inbetweeners reunion credit:Bang Showbiz
Joe Thomas not sure about Inbetweeners reunion credit:Bang Showbiz

Joe Thomas is not sure about the idea of an 'Inbetweeners' reunion.

The 39-year-old actor shot to fame by playing sixth former Simon Cooper in the E4 coming-of-age sitcom alongside Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, and James Buckley but is not sure whether a new series would be on the cards even though there are "obvious" plotlines.

He said: "I don't know, there are obvious things. such as a wedding or a reunion but it has to be the right idea. Obviously, I love those guys and loved doing that show so would always work with them on anything, even if I was 80. It was the start of my career; the writers, lain Morris and Damon Beesley, really mentored us and I've got a huge amount of gratitude for that. I miss them a bit. Iain is in the States now and I haven't seen Damon for a while, while the other three guys I see occasionally.

Meanwhile, Joe - who also appeared as Simon in the two feature-length adaptations of the series - is now starring in the extraterrestrial comedy film 'We Are Not Alone' on Dave and described the project of a "mashup" between 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Shaun of the Dead.'

He told Metro newspaper's SixtySeconds column: "It reminds me of Hot Fuzz or Shaun Of The Dead, that kind of mash-up. There's a level of bureaucratic incompetence to the invasion, like the aliens can't get their guns to plug in properly. It reminds me of a picture book I read when I was a kid called Dr Xargle's Book Of Earthlets. It was like, 'Why do they take this animal around on a rope and then clean up its poo for no reason? Do they work for the animal?' Human behaviour would appear quite irrational to an enlightened alien. "

'We Are Not Alone' airs on Monday 28 November on Dave.