Joe Wicks feels surprised by his own success

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Joe Wicks enjoyed huge success amid lockdown credit:Bang Showbiz
Joe Wicks enjoyed huge success amid lockdown credit:Bang Showbiz

Joe Wicks was amazed by the success of 'PE with Joe'.

The 36-year-old fitness coach began his at-home PE classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Joe admits he never expected so many people to follow him on YouTube during the global health crisis.

Asked if he'd anticipated the success, Joe replied: "No, I had no idea. I just thought a few thousand schools would take part but I definitely didn’t expect nearly a million live streams and stuff. So I knew that second day, like, wow, this is big, but this is really a lot of people, so I just kept doing it.

"I was just trying to give people some structure to their day. It was just a mood changer or a mood booster and I think that’s what it did really, it got people feeling a bit more positive about the day."

Joe made some new friends through his YouTube show, including acclaimed documentary-maker Louis Theroux.

And the health-conscious star revealed that he'd love to work with Louis, 52, on a documentary one day.

He told "He’s such an amazing guy. I’ve loved his shows for so many years, so it’s just amazing that he does my workouts, and he came to my house because he produced my mental health documentary. So I really wanted to get to know him a bit more and he came around and I made him have an ice bath. We did a workout and stuff, which was really funny. He’s awesome.

"He’s a really lovely bloke and actually I was with him a few weeks ago, and I’m always thinking if I can do more documentaries, I’d love to do it with him. "

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